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“Positive Qualities” – Patrick Maguire
September 4, 2013, 8:02 am
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I’ve often thought that the lies we tell ourselves are the most interesting of all. They are pure; they are innocent. They are not tarnished by malice, regret, or some other disgraceful sentiment like the lies that we tell others.

And I knew it as soon as it slipped past. I was immediately caught in that aha moment, knowing full well that this was a lie that I was telling myself. Two words, contradictory words, that attempted to nullify truth.

If I told you there was a boy and he had positive qualities you’d know. You’d know immediately that he is a bad person. You don’t look at Gandhi and list off his positive qualities. It’s a lie, meant to excuse the inexcusable and it will work more times then not.

I look past my cigarette, out on to the open road and mumble the phrase so I can hear it’s deceit with my own ears.