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Wildcat Apollo- S/T
October 10, 2013, 10:48 pm
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Hey, it’s a new review! New music! FINALLY!


Wildcat Apollo

Wildcat Apollo

Release date Oct.30

Sometimes we forget why we love listening to music. With a lot of the new music coming out that seems to rarely ever stretch itself out of the vein of boring mediocrity, it’s hard to get that feeling; the one we forgot about. It’s the feeling of complete unadulterated joy and happiness from sound; listening to something that makes you remember every memory that made you smile as well as all the ones that made your heart break so many times. Wildcat Apollo brings that back with their music.

This Brooklyn/Austin four-piece formed of brothers and best friends in 2012 and is about to release their first full-length. The self-titled debut was recorded this summer in Austin at the Bubble with Frenchie Smith, who produced and mixed records by Built to Spill, Meat Puppets, the Dandy Warhols and many more. 

Each Wildcat Apollo song is wildly unique yet is also intricately threaded through the album to create a cohesive record. There are some songs, such as “Shrug,” that bellow out a 90’s youthfulness with noodling guitar parts, unhindered vocals, and tightly knit drum parts. The male/female vocals blend solidly together as the entire energy expresses the fun clearly being had by all members of the band.

Others like “High and Low,” are more akin to Broken Social Scene in that there is a similar solidarity between the instruments and vocals. There is a partnership in teaming up to lull together, rock together, and dance together throughout the song.

Then there are songs that maintain some of those elements but exhale a dance-rock/post-punk sound with prominent bass lines, and echoed vocals. “Gotham,” for example feels underwater, blurry, and sun-stroked with it’s blistering whirs and echoed but full female vocals.

Some tunes, like “The Colorado,” just sound like the soundtrack to an indie-rock western. It is a variety of styles that Wildcat Apollo infuses into their music but they are doing something right because every song feels like something that has been missing.

I could go on for days detailing each song and why it encompasses the feelings of youth and diving into ones past but it seems better to just tell you to listen to the damn album.

Wildcat Apollo’s ballsy and emotion-filled record leaves a listener drained yet wanting more. Each song seems a lot shorter than it really is because it feels like they should last forever. The album may as well be the soundtrack to the emotions of everyone’s entire life. It’s a roller coaster ride of an album that speeds up, slows down, and makes you feel. It makes you remember why music like this matters, and most of all, it feels real.

Check out their tunes here:

by Lauren Piper



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