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August 27, 2013, 10:59 am
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It’s hard to write when personal matters take over. Recently, a friend from the music scene, Samuel Yager of Birthdays, has been in a coma due to a bike accident. It was hard to figure out what to do because I am not his great friend. We are not constantly in contact however the connections we have had have been wonderful times and meant something to me, proving to me that he is a person that I want to know and to help.

Due to the recent incident, instead of posting my sadness about it, I chose to help organize a benefit show in Brooklyn, which is currently in the works. I also want to write about his music here, because it’s truly inspiring and awesome and I’d like to share a bit of that instead of wallowing in helplessness at the situation. So here goes:


Birhtday’s self-titled album, which came out in October of 2012 is one of my favorite collections of songs. There is an electronic dance-rock element as well as a kooky, fun Animal Collective style organic feel that drives the songs home.  The vocals are looped and harmonizing amongst spurts of noises, percussion sounds and melodic guitar parts that are catchy as hell.  “Biggie Shorty,” comes in like a 90’s dance classic with bleating electronics and a clanging beat, then whistling enters. This song could probably get anyone to dance or at least tap their foot. His vocals are low and echo-y overtop all that’s going on. Each song has it’s own strange, unique style going on, but they all give way to a heady, thoughtfulness.

The warm energy that emanates from these songs is contagious and exciting, especially with the thought that he does all of this by himself probably in his bedroom somewhere. “Mating Falls” rises into the speakers with a quick, clacking beat and some flowing synths. The family style vocals sing on top and suddenly the song bursts open into a combination tribal and house drum beat. It sounds like falling out of the air, out of a helicopter into a party or an ocean full of confetti. Each song feels like a party, a party with feeling and love, the kind that you know you’ll meet good people at and be engrossed in conversations.

These songs feel like happiness, dancing, and youth and I never want to lose any of that. They scream out all of Samuel Yager’s personality and entice you to move with it. You can listen to the album and his other tunes here:

If you are in the Brooklyn area, there will be a Benefit show at Silent Barn on September 14. It will be an all day event sponsored by a variety of helmet and bike light companies promoting bike safety. There will be raffles for customized helmets and artistic bike lights. If you want more information about Samuel’s progress or how else to contribute you can check out this blog updated by his mom and close friends:

Ride safe and rock on.


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