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Aaaaaand we’re back! And we won’t stop.
July 17, 2013, 11:44 am
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Hello again. I know this come back is sudden and before I explain exactly why I am reviving this long lost blog can we please talk about Miley Cyrus?? I have for a very long time avoided watching her ‘twerking’ in her internet famous (and probably everywhere famous), “We Can’t Stop,” but by fluke and attempts to hear a Dan Deacon remix of her song I watched it. My eyes burned, but I didn’t hate the music, which felt shameful because I pretty much have come to believe everything Miley Cyrus does at this point is abominable, which it is. However, she clearly has good producers and her voice isn’t terrible.

I think that Dan Deacon and Mabson Enterprises must have realized the promise in this as he and several artists made a 37-track compilation which involves only remixes of this song. From using bleeps and sounds to make the song almost unrecognizable to stripping it down to bare vocals there are clearly a lot, at least 37 ways to listen to this song without feeling ashamed about liking it because you aren’t watching Miley Cyrus wiggling her forever in my mind 13-year-old booty.

My favorites include:

“We can’t stop (Slowed & Chopped)”- Dunce Party


“We can’t stop”- WhisperKid

Check out the full streaming compilation here!

And if you’re feeling up to it, avert your eyes, but check out the original. It’s shameful but it won’t kill you.

This being said, while I embarrassingly don’t hate it, it does not mean I approve of her album and what she is going for with her aesthetic, message or style. I just appreciate that Mabson Enterprises also saw more than just terrifying tween turned scary teen star releasing a crappy song to make some waves in the pop world.