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Lovvers- OCD Go Go Go Girls
May 19, 2010, 9:24 pm
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OCD Go Go Go Girls

Wichita Recordings

Sometimes I like to go back in time, and listen to some straight-forward punk with simplistic vocals and some lo-fi distorted guitar pedals. Lovvers gives exactly that: quick hollows drums, blazing guitar melodies, blistered bass-lines and melodic, simple vocals that echo and are only half-understood. I was supposed to review this album months ago, but got caught up in being “busy.” I thought about not writing about it, what’s the loss right? But it seemed worth it. The album is fun as shit, and I haven’t written about a band from the UK in…quite a while…ever?

“Four Count” blares forth with a fun, guitar bobbing melody as the lead singer wails joyfully some echoed nonsense that is incomprehensible and . They are a little bit Clash, a bit more post-punk with blaring distortion and muddy mixes of sounds. Their tunes belt out and wind with neat guitar solos and clashing drums, everything feels like it’s rejoicing in every song on this album.

“100 Flowers” starts with a bass-y jet plane sound that builds into singing and an explosion instruments. The guitar hurriedly jams out a riff as the bass follows the vocals melody. “Golden Bars Blue” is acoustic, with no drums but still feels upbeat and distinctly basement friendly and lover friendly. It is a little bit like an acoustic, punk blues and it creates a really warm, gentle sound.

There’s noisy music and there’s melodic music. This combines the two with a perfect equality and carefree energy that it’s not too simplistic or too obnoxious, it’s just fun and exciting. It makes one want to dance, maybe bump into other people, perhaps even jump up and down . It’s some moving music. These Lovvers. I recommend we get into it.

Oh and they have a new 7” out called Strangers


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