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The Art Museums- Rough Frame
April 25, 2010, 12:04 pm
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The Art Museums

Rough Frame EP


It moves so quickly, the Art Museums’ debut EP as it floods the speakers so emphatically, bursting with one to three minute indie-pop ballads, that it is over in nearly a heartbeat. This San Francisco duo brings back fuzzy, happy pop tunes paying a bit of tribute to The Beatles, and Belle and Sebastian but also adding casio keys, electro drum beats and echoed vocals.

The lyrics evoke imagery of artsy kids falling in love and men being led astray by young modern girls. “Sculpture Gardens” sways with ho-hum “la la la’s” and bright guitar chords as the drums clap and bleat and this two man duo sings in harmony, “in the sculpture garden, I would spend the day with you, we could talk of films [and so on]…” While cliche and a bit absurd, they follow through with this pattern in the entire album and it’s almost endearing that they keep it up.

Singing of Paris Cafes and love lost, the slightly awkward, off group singing and bass-y drumming give the Art Museums a real kitschy, sunny sound that is hard not to enjoy. The contrast in low percussion to clanging high hats throws back to a more natural style of drumming, less high end cymbal nonsense just to make it rock. Their tunes are gritty, yet very catchy and modern despite many older, more lo-fi elements to their sound.

Again, in “Paris Cafe” they sing, “In the paris cafe, you can sit and reflect on these things, on vanity, whatever lonliness brings…” Terrible, but wonderful, as their vocals sing both high and low, lulling and sweet. Every song bobs along with quirky affects and melodic vocals to the point that it takes multiple listens to really pay that much attention to the trite lyrics. And once it gets there, its just funny and kindof great. The melodies of every song will get stuck in the listeners’ heads to the point that every Art Museums song will meld together in their memories and just play through as one awesome pop hit.


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