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The Drums- Summertime!
April 7, 2010, 5:52 pm
Filed under: music and musings

The Drums
Holiday Records

Typically, music like The Drums makes me want to gag and I’ll dance sarcastically to it and maybe secretly enjoy a little of it, but for some reason, Summertime! really strikes a chord with me. There’s a throwback to barbershop quartets of the fifties in songs like “Down by the water,” which could be construed as the bands slowjam when compared to the indie dance, brit pop stylings of the rest of their tunes. But despite the poppiness and catchiness, and perhaps insincerity of emotions, I feel a need to write that the Drums aren’t half bad, and that a lot of people would probably really enjoy this music.

“Let’s go Surfing” is an upbeat, catchy tune with surf-y bass lines and a pretty self-explanatory lyrical premise, but the whistles and the soft, gentle singing feels like a summer hit to just sit around the beach bobbing ones head to. “Make you mine” melds this oldies boy group with a very crisp, modern feel through bass-y drums and clean recordings. The high pitched vocals echo the lead singer’s melodic verses.

This lazy dance-rock is really something that’s slightly more twee than I would normally go for, but I have a soft spot for The Drums, at least some of their songs, despite their cheese-y and absurd lyrics, I just wanna go surfing and go get a perm.


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