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Juviley- Juviley
April 4, 2010, 7:32 pm
Filed under: music and musings

Brooklyn musician Or Zubalsky also writes witty updates on Juviley‘s website, it is probably worth reading, and downloading this record.



Or Zubalsky, baring the moniker, Juviley, recently released his self-titled second album. Calming acoustic music when live, is graced with piano, strings and light drums on this record. His subtle vocals are so dry with emotion that it feels strange how much one feels during this record. There seems at first like perhaps there’s not much to Zubalsky’s voice but his slight accent, but it’s this quiet energy that surges its way through with the instrumentals that really grabs the listener.

“And then we spiral,” the first track on the album glimmers lightly with plucking guitar and soft drumming as he sings the chorus, “We are motionless/ and then we spiral/ I am so tired/ it is pulling us/ it is time/ make up your mind.” The piano chimes in briefly and it pulls back into the acoustic spiral that he has created with his sound. Incorporating strings into tunes like “All we ever wanted was to lie,” the music chimes sweetly through speakers. Juviley’s thoughtful and creative lyrics seem to weave a web throughout his instrumentation, blending perfectly with his questioning, thoughtful voice. ”Be Patient” is more on the electric side and bleats blissfully as it finds its footing in the song alongside Zubalsky's singing.

Juviley’s record seems very straightforward but again, it seems to be wielding a strength that is hidden beneath, and forces it’s way out with songs that are full of thought provoking ideas and sounds.


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