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Is Thanksgiving the time for Alt-country?
November 27, 2009, 6:31 pm
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I woke up in my parents house in Maryland yesterday morning to the drawling vocals of Bonnie Raitt. Music of my childhood. Catchy, blues-y guitar riffs and heartfelt vocals seem to be the staple of my family’s childhood soundtrack. So when I come home, it picks up right where it left off with the exception of my dad’s favorite local artists. Today Trisha Yearwood and Kim Richey sweetly lulled the kitchen as we baked a bean casserole for post-thanksgiving dinner.

It’s a strange feeling, recalling and remembering every movement and element of this music that I can’t say I fully dislike but would never ever listen to on my own accord at this point in my life. It is strictly family music. Music I can feel the energy to remember the lyrics to just because I am in this environment where these artists are secondary. Sometimes there was Miles Davis or Coltrane, Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell, James Taylor or Eric Clapton, but always this element of blues-y emotion. A lot of country flavor, some Mary Chapin Carpenter and so on. I guess it’s typical mom and dad music, or maybe it’s just typical to my family. But I think that whenever I’m in a place where I here these songs, it won’t feel nearly as natural as it does blasting through the floor boards to my old room from the den.

There’s something sentimental about it, I don’t want to say I enjoy it, because standing there, singing along because the lyrics are engrained in my head feels completely cheesy. I don’t want to like it, but it just feels like I’m an eight-year-old, completely uninhibited, making up dances and singing to these songs that I know and love because I don’t know anything better. Granted it’s not the same, I do know things that are better, in my opinion. But I think home (especially thanksgiving for some reason) will always be a place of alternative country/blues rock and I’m just going to have to accept that and move on.


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Hey, have you listened to Angel Deradoorian’s (dirty projectors) solo stuff? Just happened upon it and its good stuff.

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