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Ohio and more (Part 2)
October 19, 2009, 12:23 am
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During my trip in the Midwest we made a visit to the Creation Museum.  I thought it would be an entertaining experience to go to this place that believes dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans. The thing was, so many people believe it and it is pretty convincing at times, so I was actually terrified the entire time I was there and kindof just wanted to leave.

I had a lot to think about after this museum. I felt sorry for people who are jaded and may buy into this. The museum makes so much money off of just people going to see it that they did not need mine and I felt bad for giving it to them. There was also a show with an animatronic girl in front of a campfire questioning why she is here because her teacher’s taught her about Evolution. Evolutionists apparently claim there is no God, that everything is based on science and that because of this fact, there is not reason for humans to exist. This girl then questions the heavens because she doesn’t know why she is here because of her one-sided teachers and thus two guardian angels who are all hip, speak in slang, and wear sunglasses fly out. They explain that evolutionists are wrong, that the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old, and dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans and here’s why:

This was in a section called The Garden of Eden. Clearly. It showed Adam and Eve being all coy or something once they’d bitten into the apple. on the other side of the hall was a dinosaur in the bushes, just chilling near Adam and Eve.

Here is the evidence of the Bible’s account of dinosaur history.

This sign states that it’s a fact that two of every kind of dinosaur was also on Noah’s arc and that is how they lived after the flood.

This sign reasons that dinosaurs were small enough to fit on the arc, in case that was someone’s counter argument.

Quoting the Book of Job, the museum claims evidence of dinosaur citings in the bible.

Yes, that’s right. Dragons. In a movie about Dragons and Dinosaurs, Creationists state that all the myths of dragons in the middle ages could have been dinosaur encounters. They even say that the reason dinosaurs no longer exist is that “humans killed them out of fear or to show off.” That is a direct quote.

And of course, all dinosaurs, and the rest of the world, were vegetarians before the flood. Because being carnivores was a direct result of sinning.


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