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October 13, 2009, 6:26 pm
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I was asked to review the self-titled EP of Brooklyn duo Sisters recently. In response to my request for a copy of their album, I was sent a cassette tape in the mail three days before deadline. Granted, I am an advocate of cool forms of media, I like records and even mini-discs are entertaining, but there are only certain things a cassette tape is good for, and it is the following:

1) Nostalgia

2) Mix Tapes

3) Road Trips

4) That remix of “I’ll be watching you” entitled “I’ll be missing you,” by Puff Daddy that was released after Biggie died

5) The 90’s

Aside from the above list, I have NO USE for a cassette player when I am listening to legit music that I am supposed to like and write about. Granted I did like some of what I’d heard from Sisters’ myspace page but I was unimpressed by the scratchy sound of the purple cassette tape they sent me in the mail because they were “out of CD’s.” We live in the age of the internet and computers. It is so easy to make a digital copy of something, and while it may suck some of the quality out of it, it cannot be worse than the sound on this tape. If you are going to record straight to tape, fine, but make the quality bearable! Otherwise you just come off as a pretentious dbag who used a tape to record your album because you thought it would make you cooler. While I was finally able to get a tape player and it proved that it sounded terrible, I am more inclined to write that I had no possible way of knowing if Sisters’ plays good music because their tape made me want to smash it.

Unfortunately, I think the use of tapes are coming back because of how inexpensive it is, so if you send me a tape, send me a walkman along with it to make my review worth it. I’ll mail it back. Otherwise, I will only write about the make and design of the tape itself, colors, decorations, etc… No music, because I will assume it sucks.


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i’m going to record sound for a short film on tape. don’t yell at me!

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