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Ohio. Finally! (Part 1)
October 13, 2009, 7:43 pm
Filed under: music and musings

I went on a vacation to Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of the summer and had a really great time exploring Cincinnati, seeing old kitchens, visiting some museums, and hanging out with old friends. Here’s some small anecdotes/facts from my trip:

They have a race of rubber duckies down the Ohio River. It’s all to raise money for the Freestore Foodbank. You buy a rubber duck or as many as you want because the proceeds go to the foodbank, and if your rubber duck wins the race, you win a car. I wish I’d been able to be there to watch thousands of rubber ducks floating down the Ohio River.

My friend who lives in Cincinnati lives across the street from a small Old folks asylum where she warned me I may be woken up or alarmed by people screaming bloody murder. Which I did witness but was oddly un-phased by.

One part of this vacation required that I eat at all of my friend’s favorite ice cream places. So we went into town to get some ice cream and drove past a man whom she remembered being described to her as “the man with the moonface”. He looked so incredibly terrifying as he sat on a bench alone. He truly did have the most horrifying moonface ever.

Awesome old kitchen stuff:

This is the stove located in Casie’s house in Cincinnati. It is amazing looking and it works.

My friend Jared’s stove/awesome kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin. There is that cool unit beneath that is just used for storage and a really great stove with a latching stove top part to make it just a counter surface. It would be easier to see, but Jared has a large booty.

There is a lovely Aquarium in Cincinnati that we went to one day

They look like Fraggles

We watched people feed the lorakeets, but I did not, as I feared getting my nose bitten off.

Saw some disgustingly fat frogs. They look like Newman.

And this guy!

More musings on my trip to come. I only apologize that they are so late.


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