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September 19, 2009, 5:23 pm
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First, I’ve been seriously slacking off on this but it has to do with getting extremely ill from the first couple weeks of my new two year olds at school. But I’m ready to bring it back in action.

A child that I babysit asked me once if I had a “remembery,” when I asked him what it was he said that it was something you buy to remember things with. I find that absolutely amazing.

To beat in the unfortunate news that summer is over, I wanted to go back a couple weeks to the last pool party of the summer. It started off with the sweltering, electronic dance -rock band Vega from Austin, Texas. Their silky smooth, synth-pop complete with samples and sugar-y bleeps and even some mellow vocals harmonizing vocals was a nice way to set off the day in anticipation of Beach House and Grizzly Bear.

Photo by Kristen Felicetti

Beach House was next to hit the stage, with warm energy, Victoria Legrand’s stunning vocals, and eerie keys. Under the beating sun, with the river gleaming behind them, they turned out an extraordinary set with a lot of new songs that were really great. It was a great taste of what they’ve been working on in the studio. It was hard to see, as being vertically challenged has it’s negatives when it comes to big shows, so we moved back stage where we could still hear perfectly, but we got better glimpses of Beach House’s booties than their faces.  Either way, their set was sweet, simplistic and energetic, it felt like a little bit of their strength was lost in the air at such a wide open venue, but it was still a treat to get to see them in such a great atmosphere.

Photo by Kristen Felicetti

We decided to stay behind the stage for the rest of the show and creepily watch the bands as they gathered and hung out before their performances. Here is a shot of Grizzly Bear before they went on, just chillin’.  I had never seen Grizzly Bear before and it was really amazing. There is a humbleness to the way they grace the stage, where they are singing to us, not for us. They seem to break down the barrier of performer verses audience to where the only thing keeping everyone from being equal is the stage on which they stand. The members kept turning to all angles to be seen from even behind, which was really nice that they acknowledged that there were fans on all sides and they wanted to thank all of them.

Their desert-air, urgent vocals felt as strong as ever with Beatles-esque harmonies that didn’t even falter in the outdoor setting. They played a great mix of songs off their albums and their drums, played by that “precious moment” of a drummer, stirred the whole mix together.

Photo by Kristen Felicetti

And there he is, playing on stage for a huge crowd at the waterfront, as we sat behind them, sun setting, music wailing. It was a great end to the summer, the three bands complimented each other really well and flooded the park with melodic tunes.

Fun times, beautiful music, for both relaxing, dancing and napping.


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I have rememberies of when this blog was updated ;P

Keep going strong! I check the blog every day.

Comment by patrick maguire

I’m sorry Patrick! I will put something up tonight!! I’ve been applying to grad school, it’s been intense. I will be more timely soon, hopefully starting today! Thanks for your support.

Comment by wordsforfood

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