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Julianna Barwick- Florine
September 8, 2009, 10:39 pm
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Julianna Barwick


It’s difficult to write about the intangible. I don’t fully understand how Julianna Barwick does what she is doing on Florine but it makes me feel incorporeal. Barwick is clearly one for concepts as all her songs ie: “Sunglight, Heaven”, “Cloudbank” sound very much the way their titles describe. Experimenting with space and sound through the use of electronics and mainly just her voice, Barwick creates an atmosphere of calm and the almost unreal with her spooky ambience and tribal chant vocals.  There are only six songs on this album, but they float with a warmth and an organic, uplifting feel with her soothing vocals and the echo of air and blurry noise.

Sounding like long ago prayer songs from a far away country, Florine bellows with feeling. Even without the use of many real words, the songs express themselves fully through the openness that is created with Barwick’s siren vocals. The song “Choose” is the only one with words you can  make out, but she only repeats “Any way you choose” over and over again in a really sprawling, gorgeous bellow. In many tunes, there are high pitched sounds reminiscent of running your pointer finger lightly around the edge of a wine glass, giving off the thought of a UFO or something ethereal. The unknown, the otherworldly is definitely something that is expressed in through album, and while I can’t fully see how these sounds were made, I want to, because what you hear is absolutely stunning and unhinged from what is considered “normal.”


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