Biscuits, Triscuits…

August 21, 2009, 12:36 pm
Filed under: music and musings

I haven’t written in a little while as I’ve been preparing for my trip to Cincinnati, Ohio where I am currently. I will update a couple times throughout my trip as I’m visiting a friend and the days she works I will have downtime to continue some promised CD reviews.

Preparing for this trip was a giant pain as I had a lot of things to do before I left. I tried to spend my time cooking and listening to good music but it was interrupted by phone calls about our rooms for rent and talks about money and bullshit. But here I am now, in Cincinnati with my love Casie Fox. She lives in a house with her sister but will soon live here all by herself. The rent is pretty unbelievable as it is a full 2-story house. There are two cats. One is named Muzzy after the amazing french educational program, and the other is named Flood, which unknowingly is perfect for him as he pees on things a lot. But only on things that are waterproof where he can watch the puddles, like plastic bags and pots and stuff. Real smart cat. He also fakes sick when he wants attention.

So far we have walked around Cincinnati near where Casie works, which is the Freedom Center. We walked down to the water to this area of poles with speakers that normally plays the radio to the baseball games but was just playing weird noise, which was kindof awesome. I learned about a flood that went above the flood markers on one of the bridges and people’s cars were covered in water. We went to Chipotle for lunch yesterday and I was thinking “Wow, people who work here are much nicer than in New York.” But then immediately after I thought that, the woman who was supposed to put the sour cream, guac, etc… on my burrito just like walked away, and then took off her apron and left for her lunch break. And like no one else knew what to do since that wasn’t there job. So after like literally three minutes of confusion, the woman who had put the veggies on my burrito moved over and gave me the rest of the fixins and apologized profusely and I got a free soft drink out of it.  So they are a lot nicer, and much more laid back…perhaps to a negative extent… hah.

I also saw Casie’s old high school which is like an arts and drama high school and there is an MTV reality show about it now. There was a small film crew there and students appeared to be in school even though it’s like August?? Also, that neighborhood has been rated the most dangerous city in America, so we drove through it, Casie still things that’s weird, but who knows. We came back to her place and just sat on her nest of a bed and got back some energy. Enough to go out and get ice cream from one of Casie’s favorite places.

Yesterday we went to the Aquarium and saw penguins and jellyfish. I think I’m in love with Sea Horses, they just hang by their curly cue tales on branches and sticks and then every so often they let go and float majestically to another branch. It was just awesome, we watched them for like five minutes and every time one of them floated it was just like “yes yes yes yes!”

There will be pictures so I won’t go fully into detail, more later, but that should be amusing enough for now.


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