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Sunday Pool Party
August 12, 2009, 5:31 pm
Filed under: music and musings

This past Sunday, Kristen Felicetti and I went to the waterfront on the later side to catch Fiery Furnaces, and we did just that. We caught the tail end of what I believe was Dark Meat, they played a song that felt like it was ten minutes long and had no real words to it. Bottom line we weren’t too impressed, but we did sit on a blanket and chill out in the not so sunny, almost gonna rain weather. It wasn’t cold, it just looked pretty dim. Though it never did rain.  We were surrounded by couples making out and people with crazy cameras and I decided that Kristen and I should just do a review in Haiku of what we have dubbed “Sexy Sundays.” So for your entertainment, here are some haikus written by Kristen and I to describe what happened during the Fiery Furnaces set:


New York looks cloudy,

I see so many bra straps.

Sexy Sundays rule!

Fiery Furnaces

Makes people make out nearby.

hot hot hot hott town!

Hug your lover now,

The speakers are full of sound.

Sneak peak some panties.

If you play old stuff

Lauren will flash her panties.

Ain’t that enticing?

(bear in mind they never did play any old stuff, so I did not in fact have to do that, nor would I have anyway.)

The park’s full of babes,

SLR cams and legs shaved,

Cutoffs with crotch holes.

Sexy times in front

of us. Yo, get a room or

let me in on that

Spit out those lyrics

In your sexy baritone

Though you are a chick.

You sound like a man,

But hip boys would still bone you.

Ooh Eleanor yeaaah!

You’re hair is so pink

It would make a ring in my

bathtub. Please call me.

That’s it. That’s what happened at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday. We left, missing the following acts because it looked like it was going to pour. If only we had stayed so we could have written more Haikus.


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