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Weekends Fall Like Stones Part 3!
July 28, 2009, 11:16 pm
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And you thought it was over. But no. That weekend lasted forever and though I am over a week late, my last weekend was uneventful as far as music goes. Extremely eventful as far as families and babies go though.

At 2:00 pm on Sunday the 19th some friends and I headed to the Waterfront for the second pool party of the summer. It was disgustingly hot at the beginning of the day but we came early any way to get a good spot to sit by the stage. There were only three bands playing this time so I think things started a bit later.

The first band was Crystal Antlers, whom I saw previously at Bowery during CMJ 2008. Crystal Antlers have this amazing intense energy driven by their un-harnessed vocals. Their sound is not forced nor distracting but organic and provocative. The drums were clobbering and the guitar and keyboards add this experimental, dance-y portion to the music that co-exist with the raw vocals quite nicely. Though I’d seen them once before, I’d pushed them to the back burner just due to time and being busy but I definitely follow up with them and try to catch Crystal Antlers more often because the show was upbeat and awesome.

Magnolia Electric Co. performed second with their uni-brows and sad country tinged rock ballads. Someone said it was like a Neil Young cover band, which was pretty spot on, but it was still good music. It was nice to listen to, mellow and not infringing upon fraternizing with friends at the waterfront. I think there is definitely musical merit to Magnolia Electric Company, and their tunes warmly blew through the air at the breezy waterfront.

The final band of the night were Dirty Projectors. They entered as just two people, Dave Longstreth on guitar and female vocals that were thin and gentle. All of a sudden there were drums, two female vocalists, bass, and two guitars . Six people in total on stage creating this broken up and angular sound with a plucky, clear quality that rolled through the crowd. The vocals were sultry, the instrumentals swayed from slightly dub to stripped down ambient rock and layered soul songs. There was a subtle control to the outburst of musical genius that just kept flowing one song after another, but if felt so free-formed and open. They were all dressed in white, which felt pretty perfect for the summer-y evening as the sun slowly went down. I didn’t want it to end but unfortunately we had to be out of the park by 8:30.

It was a warming and uplifting show, Dirty Projectors is a band that I feel is going to if they haven’t already make a mark on the Brooklyn music scene and be a staple for new music to come out of the area. I was flying high as a friend and I headed to Sidewalk Café to catch Ryan Lee Crosby, a Boston musician playing with his backing band Elio DeLuca and Daniel Nicholas Daskivich . Crosby’s soothing Jeff Buckley-esque vocals were the most noticeable feature, but surrounding that were gentle guitar, harmonica, drums, harmonium, hand claps and piano (not all at once though, clearly). It was a little blues-y with a bit of a country twang to it but what struck me the most was how almost genre-less the sound was. There were a lot of snippets of sound that obviously were influenced from something but it just felt like this really intimate, jangly singer/songwriter music with vibrato vocals and jamming background music. His songs were extremely soulful but there was a beautiful sound of collaboration between Crosby’s songwriting and his two fellow musicians playing with him. The sound guy at Sidewalk Cafe really dug them as he passed around his mandolin tip jar and I certainly hope that someone put in something because they were pretty great to hear in a place where much of the music is generally sub-par.

We headed then to Pianos to catch the end of Quiet Loudly‘s set.  I had a drumstick accidentally flung at my arm and I needed ear plugs for just the one song. It was abrasive and soul-shaking though and a CD review of their new release will be coming soon.



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