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Weekends Fall Like Stones Part 2
July 26, 2009, 7:39 pm
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Saturday, July 18th I attended two different shows but only caught some of the bands. I hit up Market Hotel, mostly to see Future Islands because of the eccentric and fun to watch lead singer who bounces around on stage with such energy and stamina. We caught the Beach Fossils, Talbot Tagora, and Future Islands before leaving to catch another show, and unfortunately missed Abe Vigoda and the So So Glos.

Beach Fossils has the same vibrant guitar sound as Oasis. They were fun to watch, not boring, but nothing spectacular as far as a live set goes. It was mellow and jangly, with wavy vocals and plodding bass lines. With another listen I like what I hear but perhaps the energy was low at the Market that night because it was just sorta stand and head-nod music.

Next was Talbot Tagora from Seattle and while I dig their myspace a little more than their live performance, I was really not into it at the Market. Perhaps the show was just off because I do like the wonky dissonance and off-kilter nature presented in their tunes online. Live I felt like the drummer couldn’t keep a beat and everyone was bored and I just left the room because it was almost painful to deal with. Giving it an online listen was always the plan though because sometimes music just sounds like shit for no reason. I didn’t get a sense of their live presence at all on stage either. Their female drummer seemed terrified or bored and everyone else was just there. But I do think there’s an interesting quality to their music now that I’ve given them a second chance and would love to try to see them again sometime.

Future Islands was pretty great, I love watching the J. Gerrit Welmers and I wished there was a more excited crowd because I totally would have danced.  The energy that flows from his almost growling singing carries the whole rest of the outfit. He doesn’t growl but the way he sings is so involved and intense that there’s no way to ignore it. Not that the upbeat, bass-y synth rock isn’t extremely catchy and enveloping but it’s really essential when the lead singer is bouncing up and down. I love charismatic bands and this one definitely rocked the stage with their charisma. Unfortunately I had to leave half-way through to set to catch the LAST New York show of Boston band This Car Up.

I’ve written a feature on This Car Up for Dig This Real and that was over two years ago. I still feel completely captivated by their music and them as people, and am really sad that they are breaking up. But Luckily it is on good terms. DJ Mojo was also bummed about the band’s break up and used every chance he could get to grab the mic and say so, or sing along with them, or play their guitars. It was an uplifting show but also a real heartbreaker as I felt those guys were really going somewhere. Of course though, it’s never really a good show until guitarist/singer Eric Glassman somehow hurts himself til he bleeds. This time he climbed up a latter in the back of the stage while DJ Mojo was playing his guitar and he hit his head or broke a bottle? Who knows. Needless to say, there was entertainment, good music and blood. Who could ask for anything more?

Seriously though, there is something to be said for bands like This Car Up. Their energy and diversity in sound from their album to their live show is absolutely amazing. It’s hard to think about them not existing as the unit they had become because as people, they fed off each other’s creativity and their personalities, their styles and general auras were This Car Up. It wasn’t just a band, it was an entity that captured all of their greatest and worst qualities in this messy, dizzying, explosive sound of raw emotion and pure talent. I will miss them greatly as a band and hope to god there are a thousand side projects spawned from them. This Car Up will hopefully become the proudest father, as they originally were all fathers of the band in one way or another. If you are in Boston on August 22, go catch their last show ever at Great Scott. I’m sure there will be tears and probably more blood.


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