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Thoughts on MRIs
July 11, 2009, 4:38 pm
Filed under: music and musings

I had an MRI today. It’s been about five years or something since I’ve had one, and I forgot everything about them. I remembered you had to lie in a sterile looking tube but I forgot about the ridiculous sound and the tingling sensations that make you feel like your limbs are moving without you asking them to. The doctor asked me what radio station I wanted to listen to and I didn’t know any radio so he put on classic rock. Oddly though I found myself listening to the excruciating MRI screeches and feeling my body hum. I focussed on the glimpses of semi-beautiful sound I could find in vibrating cocoon I laid in. It just sounded like the basis for some noise band’s basement recordings.

In case you don’t know or remember, go here and check it out. It was a really trippy experience. I felt like my body was not mine and had to keep repeating in my head “Don’t move, don’t move,” but honestly don’t know if I could have if I tried. Though I kept feeling like parts of me were moving, my kneecaps, my thumb. I wonder if any one has sampled MRI sounds yet for their music, because that would be kindof awesome.

Reviews on Hot Box, Chris Garneau and City Center soon to come.

p.s. City Center has this awesome blog that you should check out


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