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July 8, 2009, 12:08 am
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I went to a workshop today for my friend James Ray  He is a health counselor of the holistic vain which I used to think was total hippie dippy bullshit, but as I moved to New York and felt a need for stability, I began to understand that food is really important not just for your body but for your mind, and your soul.  I can’t get into all of it, but I felt like James did an amazing job of talking about different food myths in a way that was not condescending, nor trying to force an opinion as many assume is the case.

I feel like even adults who have gotten to a point where they are very set in how they feel about food could talk to James and maybe not be convinced to be vegetarian or change too much but I think they’d think about it a lot. And perhaps change something about their diets, not for fear of dying sooner but out of the idea that they should enjoy every aspect of what they eat and how they eat it. And I like how I speak about adults as if I’m not one of them…

There’s something to be said about the idea of “You only live once so why not eat delicious things that may not be great for me.” It makes sense, why not say “fuck it”? But I think I’d rather have energy and feel good about myself and feel healthy and while it takes time and energy and sometimes money to get to this point, Ithink it is worth at least thinking about and doing somewhat, even if it’s in a half-assed fashion as I do.

Also, there’s something really great about cooking while listening to good music. I’ve found No Age’s Nouns is really great to cook to. It’s just this really great lo-fi energy to it, and keeps flowing as your cutting, saute-ing, or whatever it is you are making. It’s just exciting and happy enough to feel really great moving and doing something, but there’s still a raw quality that sort of fits the mood of turning something uncooked into something edible.

And one thing I’ve really enjoyed, for both cooking and eating things I’ve cooked to is Nashville band Eureka Gold’s self-titled album.  It’s got a great southern flair to it and a calm gentile-ness in their harmonizing vocals. The album is really spattered with a mellow laid back quality and it’s really awesome to eat a satisfactory meal with good friends or strangers while listening to it.

So check out James Ray, he has a lot of good things to say. He’s a thoughtful human being whom even if you do not want a health counselor is a pretty great person to know. And listen to fun, thoughtful music while cooking and eating, I think all factors combined turn you into a superhero or something. At least that’s what I read.


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