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Pajo- Scream With Me
July 6, 2009, 8:00 pm
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Scream With Me

Black Tent Press

In 2003 David Pajo, associated with bands such as Slint and Tortoise, decided to record himself playing Misfits songs with a 70‘s handheld cassette recorder on acoustic guitar using a microphone duct taped to a cymbal stand. Needless to say he didn’t expect to make an album with them but years later, after the songs somehow circulated, the record was released on vinyl.

These songs stay mostly true to the melodic charm of the originals but are backed by lullabye-esque acoustic guitar. The songs could almost be bedtime tunes were it not for the sometimes brash and outlandish lyrics that Misfits brought to the table and Pajo’s ability to sing them so very eerily.

Pajo brings forth a lyrical emphasis with his almost deadpan vocals and solo guitar. Covering “Devil’s Whorehouse,” he gently sings “Come alive in the house that screams, this is the devil’s whorehouse” so plainly and openly that it just feels like a very emotional song with flowery lyrics. Pajo’s versions are a huge contrast to the blasting tunes with low bass and loud sing/scream vocals.   These covers lacks the group mentality and heavily drum influenced beats but he does present a lighter, more emotional side of Misfits, which is curious.

Each song is similar in their guitar picking melodies and the plucky style in which they roll forth, but the words are much more prominent and give you a chance to evaluate Misfits on a whole other level. “Bullet” is sung in a matter-of-fact manner with the acoustic plinking along and white noise lightly being recorded in the background. These songs show off Pajo’s originality, in stripping down songs that are rooted in being loud and forceful and creating something that sounds almost new. Scream With Me turns Misfits’ fast-paced horror punk style into something slow, disturbing and sorta sweet.


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Awesome stuff, Where Eagles Dare is on youtube, love it

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