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“Is your child Emo?”
July 3, 2009, 12:30 pm
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Today, on the left-hand column of my gmail, there was a link to an article that said “Is your child emo?” So I had to click on it because umm really?

Firstly, this article is hilarious. It says things like “If you’ve heard your teen mentioning “emo” or wearing “emo” clothes, you’re likely wondering what it is and what it means. While emo songs, hairstyles and fashions may not be your first choice for your teen, understanding this culture will help you get through this phase of his life.” Which is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever read an article that tries so hard to define a music-influenced lifestyle in such detail and such with a caring overtone.  And this is just perfect: “Punk provokes anger and action, whereas emo expresses vulnerability.”

I think my favorite one is “Emo teens are, by definition, emotional, and are often seen at concerts openly crying during emo songs,” which is later followed up by “Among other emo teens, crying can be cool. However, other groups will see this outpouring of emotion differently.”

I’d like to think that if I were in the parent’s situation and my child were “Emo” I would not want to know AT ALL what was going on. I’d be like “My son is wearing eyeliner and listening to whiny music. Well I’m pretty sure that since they are crying to music they probably aren’t doing crack so I just don’t need to know anything else.” I really hope that there are parents though who are completely educated by this article and I would love to know how it helps them relate to their teenager. Perhaps they will start attending Bright Eyes concerts with their children and embarrass them out of their Emo phase. Who knows, but I am thankful the gmail generates such hilarious links to relate to my emails.

Thank you so much to LifeScript “The #1 website dedicated to women’s health,” for explaining the concept of emo to concerned parents, I’m sure it will do world’s of good.


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