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Speaking of amazing music of the ages
June 26, 2009, 12:53 am
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I didn’t realize how timely my previous post was when i wrote it but given the death of Michael Jackson it made me think. It’s true; there are certain people that can never be replaced. There will never be a new Michael Jackson no matter how much Justin Timberlake or Usher can be compared to him.  It’s extremely sad that he is gone under such unknown circumstances, though I haven’t really heard anything really great from him since the early nineties, it’s still tragic that someone with his originality and talent had to die at the age of fifty.

What I loved about Michael Jackson was that every song from his early career and the Jackson Five era had this energy to it that can’t be beat.  My roommate had a Michael Jackson vs. Prince DJ party and every single song played was completely suffocating in its excitement and danceability.

When I was eleven I would dance to the double disc anthology HIStory in my house when my parents weren’t home.  We would stay up late every time one of his new music videos aired on TV. I think I gave up after “You Are Not Alone” came on with Lisa Marie Presley in a sheet. Though perhaps that was the last one.

Though I wasn’t a fan of how he was rumored to live his life, however he treated children and whatever rumors about his Vitiligo, I think you can’t strip him of the fact that he was an amazing performer and musician.  Bad is seriously one of the best albums ever. It’s a great dance album but there are also messages in his music, I think it’s important to remember that he did spread a great message despite the questions of his personal morals. Also his own moves were legendary and basically set the stage for many of the pop performers of today to try to replicate his dancing.

Michael Jackson will be missed, I don’t know if I will cry. I don’t have my RIP MJ t-shirt with a picture of Bubbles on the back on yet but I think it’s important to think about it and to appreciate everything he contributed to music as a boy in the Jackson Five struggling to find his form  to a young man contributing his thoughts on society through popular dance music that reached further than many musicians ever could. So however he chose to live his life or however immoral he may have been, I think that it sucks, but he still did something great for American pop music. So whether people remember him  for his moon walking, his pelvic thrusts, his “ow”s, or  invigorating dance music that he created, or his Motown days  Michael Jackson will never be forgotten. So thank you for that.


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