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Dum Dum Girls- Yours Alone EP
June 18, 2009, 10:05 pm
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Dum Dum Girls- Yours Alone EP

Dum Dum Girls is the explosive, echo-y sound of one woman named Dee Dee. Her hollowed out vocals and crinkling drum tracks crawl through the speakers in a whitewashed, bleating style that sounds old yet polished. The four tracks on Yours Alone are warm and airy, they make me want to crawl inside speakers from the 1950’s and hibernate to Dum Dum Girls all winter. “Catholicked” comes across like do wop meets no wave with sweet high-pitched harmonies blanketed with fuzzy guitar action and white noise. While the noisy reverberation carries through the EP, Ms. Dee Dee’s drive and innovation can be heard through catchy dance drums that sound muffled and bass-y and billowed vocals both melodic yet slightly atypical. “Sock In It” is chock full of layered female vocals and a catchy guitar riff surrounded by an ethereal buzzing through the song.  The title track “Yours Alone” rings like a surf-rock ballad that’s been flipped inside out and bathed in reverb.  I know she has a couple more singles out there and collaborations coming out, so I definitely plan on keeping my eye out for Dum Dum Girls. I love the feeling of going back in time, flipping through someone’s in a photo album just by hearing a song. This album makes me feel like throwing on heart-shaped sunglasses and a polka dot bikini and running off with beach bums all summer in a convertible. Thanks Dum Dum Girls, my new summer goal is now set.


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