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June 14, 2009, 7:53 pm
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The Von Bondies:

We Are Kamikazes Aiming Straight For Your Heart [EP].

Self-released. Available Now.


A subdued version of what was once edgy garage rock, We Are Kamikazes… causes much confusion with its whiny vocals, cheesy keys, and lack of sassy female singing. It sounds like it’s trying so hard that the result is sloppy. I was so caught off guard by the lack of originality compared to their last release, Pawn Shoppe Heart, that I forgot about my boiling water on the stove, and ten minutes later, the smell of burnt metal filled the air. I blame Jason Stollsteimer, the band’s lead, completely for the tea I could not drink due to the lack of fiery, energetic rock songs on this record. -Lauren Piper


Justice of the Unicorns

Angels with Uzis

Little Lamb Recordings

Available March 11, 2008


Justice of the Unicorns must not have realized that, even with cute pop album art and clever song titles, talent still matters. Despite ironic titles like “McCarren Pool” and “The King of the Trailer Park,” Angels with Uzis lacks stylistic character and poorly mimics other artists like the Flaming Lips and Mates of State. The male-female vocals are often off-key and stagger through a blandly unmemorable jumble of instruments. Even with an “Intro” and “Outro” that reinforce the theme of Angels with Uzis, this Brooklyn collective has failed to measure up to their indie-rock image. -Lauren Piper


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