Biscuits, Triscuits…

Fontana’s, Birthdays, McKibbin OH MY!
June 14, 2009, 7:56 pm
Filed under: music and musings

Last night felt like six nights wrapped in one.  I saw about five bands and was at three different places, completely different atmospheres, genres, etc…

I went down to Fontana’s in Chinatown which smells strongly of trash and met up with my good friend Anastasia to watch Barry Marino playing with his band The Hush Now (  Their set was really great. Fun, good energy songs with keyboards, jangly guitar and harmonizing vocals.  I thought they were pretty great, but I was so hungry that it felt like the longest 45 minutes of my life despite enjoying the music. We then walked about 20 minutes to Anastasia’s car and drove to a birthday party where Gunfight! performed a drunken set and got attacked by a giant pig dog/Irish Terrier or whatever they are called.

Then we walked over to the McKibbin lofts to catch Werewolves (, Soft Black ( and Calypso. Werewolves and Soft Black are about to go on a US tour together.  Werewolves were pretty tight this time, a lot of new songs that seemed pretty dynamic and interesting.  Soft Black was along the similar vein of music and were it not 95 degrees in the steaming loft I probably would have paid more attention. Those bands play together a lot though so I will definitely see them again.

The music I saw last night was this melding of bands I know personally with complete strangers, which is typical, but last night felt like a long drawn out string of events connected only by that one factor.  It was a good night, it lasted forever. Perhaps that means summer has begun.


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