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June 14, 2009, 7:52 pm
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I started this blog finally. Soon to come will be links to my online writing and posts of previous works for my current and older publications.  For right now, a very late recap of South by Southwest:

3/18/09 –Flight to Austin

There’s something about a birds eye view of cities at night. It feels unreal, like you’re looking over the model of the town in Beetlejuice and all the lights seem like too much. But at the same time you are thankful for their excessive beauty as it makes everything look like an airport, or a night time lit-up pool.

I just high tailed my ass through half of the George Bush Houston airport to make my connecting flight to Austin.  The flight from Newark was delayed about an hour and I’m pretty sure a band from Spain that was heading to SXSW did not make it onto this plain.  I left work a half an hour early to ensure that I would make it on time, and had to take the PATH and everything. First time. Woo! It went smoothly until I reached the airport and our gate kept changing and then we sat on in the plane for about 40 minutes before finally taking off.

It’s been a hectic day and I’ve been biting my nails relentlessly since the beginning of my journey to Newark International and still am biting them. But I guess I can stop now. Next stop Austin, we’ll see what the continuing evening and next four days have to offer.


I arrived into Austin at 12:00 in the morning last night/today. I split a cab with a guy who works for a sports company or something? He was nice but no help when it came to trying to find a place to crash. So I met up with Asa Ransom and hung out at a bar listening to a shitty band, and I stashed my stuff underneath a stairwell.  We finally left and walked to the band’s van and drove to the place they were going to crash. It was decided that if worst came to worst, I would share a sleeping back with Jacob, only problem he joked was that he sleeps naked. So I resolved I would wear all my clothes in this situation. We got the apartment where mad hanging out ensued.  Daniel made me a turkey sandwich and the host broke out a whole bunch of twizzlers and red hots. We finally got to sleep around 5am. Three of us on an air mattress, two on the floor, one on the couch. More elsewhere. It’s Thursday now around 12:40 or so and we will hopefully get started soon and see what today will ensue. I may not get to shower, so sucks for everyone else.

So we waited around til about 6, ate some brisket and southern cooking and then headed downtown towards the music.  I realized I didn’t really know what I wanted out of SXSW and decided all I want to do was have a good time. So we walked around, got some water, went to the event and Jacob and Daryl drank free beers while I managed to get pity from the woman selling water and she gave me my second one for free. We walked downtown again and caught this band that the guys wanted to see and then we met up with Bobby and Daniel and some other people at this really posh place where a guy with cat whiskers came up to me thinking I was someone he knew. He grabbed my hand and then I said “I don’t know you at all” and he removed his sunglasses to learn to his surprise that it was true. Things got crazy after that, we lost people in the crowd and just let them go, figuring we’d see them at some point. We went to Sidebar for a drink and then headed to Ms. Beas to see the So So Glos play an acoustic set. I missed it while I was in the line for the porta-potties but did see Fiasco play acoustic and then a chick with a violin.  We then stuffed into the So So’s bus and rode to a bridge where they were playing.  A couple bands played, it was pretty cool, but it was also cold and Ryan from the So So Glos was kind enough to lend me his giant leather jacket. So I looked like a total greaser.

We took a cab back to the van and drove back to Kelly’s house where we crammed four people on the floor on top of an un-inflated air mattress. It was pretty rough to say the least.


Friday we got up and ate some leftover bbq foods and then I got a ride downtown from the awesome young lady who let us stay at her house. I walked to the event and chilled backstage with Stephanie Dunker who wore a red sash that said STAFF. They looked like they’d won beauty pageants. I drank lots of water and coconut water and checked out Mika Miko, ….. and The Mae Shi.  Then I got off my lazy warm bones and walked to meet Mr. Eric Glassman downtown in front of a sweet tea stand. It was great to see him and he looked as though he were a tourist dad.

We then went on a rat race trying to meet up with Paul and Kurt.  We kept calling them, and heading to where they were and then finding they’d moved somewhere else.  In this time I had a veggie dog and Eric lost his cell phone. We met up with Paul and went to a bar, then walked BACK to myopenbar and caught Telepathe and Ninjasonik.  It was crazy at night with a nutso dressed like pizza wearing helmets and crazy raver necklace things.  The So So Glos played pretty late and were shut down by the cops, which only seemed fitting. We heading back to Kelly’s hitting up a fast food taco place on the way back since $5 veggie dogs don’t quite cut it when you stay up til 4am.


Friday was exhausting so Saturday was really hard to get up. Asa got up to return a generator they’d bought to play a park outside of downtown and we met up with them at their first show at 1808.  It was kindof a slow place but it had a nice bathroom.  A couple of us left to check out Kelly’s friends playing and I had my second serving of bbq food, beans and potato salad and all. It was weird, but it was free.  I played phone tag with several people trying to set up shows that didn’t work out and then we drove to the house where Asa Ransom was playing along with Gray Kid and Spirit Animal.  That show was pretty awesome, it was nice to just sit on the grass and listen to music.  It made me miss summer, and miss grass, I guess I’ll have to go to Central Park more in the summer.  We left that show and went back downtown where I decided I would accompany Brandon ( a friend of Asa Ransom dudes) to go see Eryka Badu, because why the hell not?  So we drove there and it turned out she only performed two songs with the band that she was playing with. So that was that. But we did see Eryka Badu in an out door giant stadium with thousands of people. We actually just saw her on a video screen. It was super hi-def though.  We then drove BACK to Kelly’s walked til we found a cab and went down town to 7th street to see This Car Up.  They were great though the sound sucked. But there was a good crowd and it was great to see those guys.  I hung around, ran into old friends, hung out with new ones and then walked to the corner where the Police Headquarters was at midnight and got picked up by my cousin’s husband after forcing Paul Sentz to keep me company so the creepy dudes wouldn’t talk to me.  I love you Paul Sentz.  It was a crazy week. The music ended there.  I feel like I didn’t see as much as I should have, but I was happy just to be around people and in warm weather. Next year will be a little more strategic, a little less milling about. But either way, I got what I wanted out of SXSW, which was to go with the flow.


Right now I am writing from the airplane and am about to eat my free pretzels.  I will arrive at Newark airport at 1am and make my way back to Brooklyn from there.  I think that overall I had a pretty good time and unless I get run over by a subway car on my way back, this trip to SXSW was definitely a success.



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